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PLEASE READ!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!! TERMS AND CONDITIONS For wholesale accounts: Minimum opening order $750. Minimum re-order $0. For Non Stocking Dealers/Designers: 35% up charge on all prices. Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8:30 – 4:30pm Credit Cards: Orders are not process until form of payment has been received and will not be consid- ered a purchase order. Credit Cards are not charged until the order is ready for shipping. Payment Method: Visa, M/C, Discover, Amex. NO C.O.D. Net 30 OAC and Company Check Only. No
credit card payments on Net 30 Accounts. Net 30 does not apply to first order. Credit applications must be signed in order to establish Net 30. Net 30 available on 2nd order only. Credit Card payment authorization forms must be filled out and signed for credit card payments. If credit card address supplied does not match actual address of credit card when processed, a 1% fee will be charged to the total of your invoice. Shipping: Shipping charges are not included in our prices and will be charged to each invoice. We ship UPS, Fed Ex, USPS or Common Carrier. Shipping charges are a minimum of 10% -25%. If shipping charges will be more than 25% we will notify you before shipping the order. Oversize 3 items or Extra large clay items will often incur a 30%-40% shipping fee if shipped UPS/Fedex. We do our best to combine merchandise when shipping,however some oversized 3 items cannot be combined and may result in a higher percentage shipping rate. Furniture and Chandeliers may require LTL services and shipping rates could be higher. Address mismatches will incur a $15 fee. Please be sure the address you supply us is accurate. If your address is con- sidered a residential address a $12.00 fee is added by UPS and Fed Ex. This is not our fee! USPS: When shipping USPS, please note that lost packages or damage claims take 4-5 weeks. This is the time period required by the postal service. Shipping Time Frame: We will always do our best to ship as quickly as possible. However, standard shipping times range depending on the items ordered. Furniture and Chandeliers: 8-10 Weeks Custom orders 12-14 weeks All other merchandise: 4days*** – 6 weeks. ***Depends on time of year Finance Charges: Finance charges of 3% per month on balances over 30days. An additional late fee of $25.00 on bal- ances of 90 days. Balances over 120 days will be turned over to our collection agency and/or attorney. All fees incurred by our attorney and any court costs will be the responsibility of the customer/company owing the outstanding balance. A
$25.00 fee will be applied to any returned checks/NSF checks. Returns or Damages: Damages must be reported within 7 days of receipt. Damaged merchandise MUST BE RETAINED! All damaged merchandise will be call tagged and replaced. We do not issue credit unless item is not longer available. If damaged merchandise cannot be retrieved, no credit will be issued. We do not accept return of items in any other circumstance. All returns must receive a RA# (return authorization #). All boxes and packaging materials must be kept when calling in damages.
Artisan’s Gallery ~ 10928 Wheatlands Ave Ste A ~ Santee CA 92071 (619)448-2522 Tel (619)448-2622 Fax
Drop Ships: We will be more than happy to drop ship any item for you. The following conditions will apply: 1. All drop ships must be prepaid. Sorry no Net 30 on Drop Ships unless previously contracted. 2. Drop ship fees are additional to freight charges. 3. Drop ship fees are 15% per item, with a minimum of $5.00. For 4. Glass items will incur a minimum of $5.00 or 20% (whichever is higher) per item drop ship fee and our guarantee that the product arrives in good condition. 5. In the event UPS or FED EX looses or damages the product, we will replace the item immediately and han- dle all claim paper work with UPS. 6. Incorrect addresses will incur a $15.00 fee. This is not our fee, but the shipping company’s fee. Please be sure you have the correct address from you customer. 7. Shipping labels will show our customers name as the sender and not ours. (except for LTL shipments) We will do our best to ship your drop shipments as quickly as possible, but please be sure to tell your customer at least 4-6 weeks. If your customer needs it right away, you must call to check stock.
8. If your customer returns the product to us, we will forward the product to you. You will be charged the for- warding freight charges. Product Warnings: Crackeled and Granulated Glass may be Sharp. This is the nature of the Glass! Candles are not included in the price of candle holders and are sold separately. Glass tears drops and Glass Vases are not perfect. They will have flaws and will vary in size. Raw Hide Shades: Are Cow Hide & have natural imperfections & possible branding. Hides are dyed & will have color variations. Shades are not included in the price of the lamp bases & are sold separately! Low wattage bulbs (less than 50watts) or cool bulbs (higher wattage) must be used with the rawhide shades. Pendant shades are closer to the bulb so cool bulbs are best. Artisan’s Gallery is not UL certified Product Variances: All our products are hand-made and the majority made with recycled materials. The finishes, with the exception of the painted items, are also done through a chemical and natural process. We cannot control 100% the outcome of the coloration of the oxidation. No two pieces will ever be identical. This is what makes each of our products unique. Glass Triangle Vases & Lamps: All glass products are made from recycled glass. Flaws will occur in the glass. Crackled glass may be sharp and is part of the crackling process. We cannot control this. If
you are concerned about the sharpness, please choose the frosted smooth colors. Tequila Barrel Collection: When the tequila barrels can no longer hold the tequila, they are sold off. We purchase the entire barrel and begin making the various designs doing are best to use 100% of the barrel. The staves vary in width and length. Each barrel has its unique coloration and smell as well. Staves may have markings from the tequila factory. We do not alter any of these variances and choose to make the products with the staves in their natural state. Please understand that the items will vary. And don’t forget to smell the staves. Some retain the tequila smell!
Artisan’s Gallery ~ 10928 Wheatlands Ave Ste A ~ Santee CA 92071 (619)448-2522 Tel (619)448-2622 Fax
Chandeliers and Lighting Products: All our lighting products are electrified with UL approved parts. Howev- er, Artisan’s Gallery does not currently have a UL certificate. We are currently applying for our certificate. All our lighting products are tested in house before shipping. However, it is possible that during shipping wires may be damaged. We do everything possible to prevent such damages. It is the responsibility of the receiver to inspect the item and visible wiring. Lighting products that require hard wiring should be installed and wired by a certified electrician. We do not extend any lighting warranty once an item has been sold and installed and relinquish all liability. Chandeliers require a 50% deposit. Candles: Candles #1 and #2 are hard shelled. Candles Terrcota and Turquoise are not hard shelled. All can- dles if burned correctly will have minimal dripping. To burn a candle correctly, light the candle and let stand until 1⁄4” topside is left on the perimeter of the candle. Extinguish candle and let cool completely so that the wax is once again hard. After that, you may burn the candle as desired being careful not to let it burn all the way down. Candles, if burned correctly, should last 3 hours continuously.