Copper Coated/Dripped Items

  • These pieces are cut from different gauges of sheet metal and then are coated with drips of copper. Brass is also applied in some cases such as to the face of a fish. The brilliant colors come from the copper being heated to various temperatures.
  • Can these items go outside? These pieces can be displayed indoors or out, but the copper will naturally oxidize and patina in the outdoor elements. The copper cannot be coated with any type of protectant as this will cause the beautiful colors to disappear almost instantly.

Rustic Line

  • This is our signature line. Most of these items are made from recycled materials. These pieces have the look of being naturally rusted, but they are not rusted nor painted. The unique finishing process is one of the Artisan’s Gallery trade secrets. The finish allows for the desired look of rust without the mess.
  • Can these items go outside? These items can also be displayed indoor or out. If these do start to rust outside, the general appearance is not going to change. If your customer wants to put them outside and have them remain exactly the same, we suggest simply spraying once or so a year with an inexpensive matte clear coat.
  • All glass products are made from recycled glass. It is important to note that since they are all created with recycle glass and hand made there maybe naturally occurring flaws. This is the beauty of the pieces.
  • Can these items go outside? Yes. The colors are part of the glass, not a painted surface.

Painted Metal Décor

  • These items are created from various gauges of sheet metal. After the cutting and welding are done they are painted with a primer/sealer. The artist then paints the item utilizing a variety of colors resulting in multiple layers of paint.
  • Can these items go outside? With the application of the primer/sealer and multiple layers of paint, these products are great for indoor or outdoor living areas. As with the Rustic Line, to keep each piece looking its best, we recommend spraying the product with a clear coat speed enamel or laquer before placing it outside. For continued maintenance, spray an additional coat once or so a year depending on the local climate.


  • All of our candles are hard shelled candles which allows the outer portion to burn at a slower rate than the center. With this feature the candle is less likely to drip.
  • To minimize dripping, candles should be initially burned until there is approximately a ¼ inch margin left around the rim of the candle and then extinguished at this point. Allow the candle to completely harden. After this initial burning and hardening, the candle may be burned as desired. Also, please never leave burning candles unattended.

Basically all our products can go outside. However, it is important that we share with our customers the limitation of our products and how to best maintain them. Just like our cars and our skin, we need to care for anyting that is contatly exposed to outdoor elements.