Hand Painted Glass Cylinder  A New Sergio Bueno Item!

Each cylinder is hand blown using recycled glass and is then hand painted by artist, Sergio Bueno.  His unique process includes hand application of paints to create an artistic expression.  He then uses both Gold leaf and/or Silver leaf for accents.  The glass cylinder may be used for fresh or dried flowers.  Holds water.  Candles are not recommended as the glass is coated with paint and sealed on the inside and it is not transparent. Glass cylinder is hand blown and then given to the artist to paint with free expression and artistic passion.  No two will be exactly the same.  100% hand made. Base and Cylinder sold as a complete item.  Each size is sold individually.

As shown in Lava, Granite, and Spring color themes

  • 6″ x 27.5″
  • Cylinder heights may vary as they are hand blown and not made with a mold