Sergio Bueno Triangle Table Lamp – Newest Item in our Artist Series! 

This lamp boasts a uniquely hand painted triangle by renowned artist, Sergio Bueno, which is cut at the bottom to fit into our classic triangle table base.

These stunning glass triangles are hand blown using recycled glass and then are given to the artist whose unique process includes hand painting various different color schemes and accenting with gold and/or silver leaf.  Sergio Bueno hand painted triangles will vary in color as each one is painted freely and with unique artist expression.  The base is heavy gauge metal forged using recycled iron and has an applied oxidized finish.  Size of glass triangle may vary due to the nature in which it is made.  Two pieces, sold as a complete item.  100% hand made.

As shown in Sunfire and Thanksgiving (#7)

  • L 8″ x D 8″ X H 18″-23″
  • UL Parts / NOT UL Listed
  • We recommend 25 watt / 40 watt bulb maximum!